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For Federico / La Montanara
Looped audio of Maria singing La Montanara, photograph of Tenna (after Federico)

For Federico / La Montanara

This audio piece was placed alongside an unfinished embroidery by my Nonna and a drawing of my Pop (Federico)'s gold chains that my Nonna found in an empty pot plant in the garden, after his passing.

The audio piece documents my Nonna singing to 'La Montanara', a famous Alpine song from the Trentino region in far Northern Italy, where my Pop was from. We sat together in her driveway in Balcatta (WA) and she sung to it for the first time in many years.

Part memorial, part recollection, this tender piece alludes to the loss of language and culture experienced by my Italian grandparents, but also the loss of knowledge in my Pop's passing.