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Maria Rechichi migrated from Calabria via the port of Messina (ITALY) to Fremantle (WA) on the SS Napoli in the September of 1952. Recollections is a series of works that considers her voyage to Australia as an artistic point of departure. Lynch’s work has evolved from listening to her stories, returning to sites of significance and considering archival material and artifacts that remain.

Maria Betti (nee Rechichi) is Carly’s Nonna.

Carly travelled to Italy in 2015 and was an 'Artist In Residence' at the Fremantle Arts Centre for a six month period during 2015-16. Both of these experiences aided in the production of this project.

This gallery is split into three parts to honour the three distinct elements pivotal to the exhibition at Free Range Gallery:
1. La Montanara (sound piece)
2. Points (film)
3. Recollections Installation (combining the forms)

Solo Exhibition
Free Range Gallery
February 2016