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To Strip / To Dress
Carly Lynch

Deconstructed French Armchair (c1900), horse hair, pleated velvet, trimming, interfacing, cotton thread, calico, chalk, wool stuffing, hessian fabric/dust, upholstery tacks

'HERE&NOW18: Besides, it is always the others who die' presents new works from Western Australian artists Dr Perdita Phillips, Dr Alex Spremberg, Carly Lynch, Peter & Molly, Julie Dowling, and Bjoern Rainer-Adamson that respond to the challenge of contemporary art set by Marcel Duchamp 100 years ago. Curated by Anna Richardson for Lawrence Wilson Gallery.

'To Strip / To Dress' is a collection of objects, which appear to be falling or sinking to the gallery floor, whilst an implied sitter watches on. Asked to make a process-based response to Duchamp’s oeuvre, Carly has teased apart a pompous yet dishevelled French armchair (c1900), which is a stand in for Duchamp, and then has worked with the remains. By adopting modes of making which include deconstruction, mimicry and replication, Carly reacts against the problematic gender stereotypes perpetuated in Duchamp’s much revered 'The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelor’s, Even / The Large Glass', which are described in 'The Green Box'. The rigid symbols contained within Duchamp’s Glass are replaced by wobbly, fatty, unfixed forms, which are both endlessly malleable and in decay. For example, Green velvet is pleated to reflect the fractures in Duchamp’s shattered glass, but also starts to look like the pattern of an uncomfortable corset.

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