Selected Works > Morning Routine

'Morning Routine' is a personal shrine to the natural environment and the importance of connecting to the body and things in our immediate surrounds on a daily basis. It was located in the artist's bedroom and was only visible to those who entered this sacred space.

This photographic series documents a morning routine of rearranging objects either gifted to the artist, or collected in the past, alongside vessels the artist made by hand. The simple act of reconfiguring the small items and recording the resulting layout, becomes a record of the artist's state of mind at that very moment. Medative and calming, this process offered a means of entering into the world each day that helped to quell generalised fear and dread about what may or may not happen. It was an intentional, artistic act used to clean the slate whilst becoming a palimpsest of all the past arrangements. The process also brought about thoughts around the ethics and inherent politics of collecting from the natural environment, which changed the way the display evolved.