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A diptych commissioned by Chicho Gelato in Northbridge (WA) for their inaugural exhibition group 'CIAO', curated by Rebecca Jensen. These works were shown alongside those by Alina Tang, Nikki Lundy, Joanna Sulkowski & Tim Meakins.

The two watercolour studies feature tea towels have been used in my Nonna's domestic space. One is green and yellow and the other is blue, white and red - both colour combinations linking to Australia's sporting and national flags. My Nonna migrated from Italy to Australia in 1956 - she identifies as Italian-Australian - as do I. These pieces reflect on the ethos of Chicho - a space where gelato is made lovingly by-hand and ingredients are sourced according to the local seasons - but also, these works aim to recognise the domestic labour my Nonna has done over her life.

This exhibition was supported by a Creative Development Grant from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries WA.